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IT Service Management Portal for MCHS

ITG provides rapid customer support to the United States Marine Corps; reducing staffing requirements and resolving IT support requests for end-users across the globe. With ITG’s web-based Service Portal customers can login and file a service request from any computer 24 hours a day. ITG’s MCHS Service Portal allows the Marines Corps’ local and remote users to easily verify warranty status, enter a new service request, check the status of an existing service request, and access reporting features all without picking up a phone.

To Login to the MCHS Service Portal Please Visit: http://www.marine-lsr.com

MCHS Web Portal Features

Web Accessible Service Portal
  • Access the MCHS Portal from any web browser
Issue a Service Request
  • Use the web portal to issue a new service request
Check Status of a Service Request
  • Retrieve the status of an existing request
Track a Service Request
  • All Service Requests will be identified with a Unique Service Request Number
Add a Customer Reference Number
  • An internal customer reference number can be added as an identifier for a service request being resolved by ITG’s Global Support Center
Warranty Verification
  • Using a product’s serial number, search for the entitlement and warranty information on the device in question
  • Administrative features give access to system reports and the management of user privileges
  • includes; open, closed, and cancelled service request reports by date range
  • Access restricted to Administrative Users
Custom Reporting
  • Custom reporting options are also available to include any customer requirements
Custom Interface
  • The Service Portal’s interface can be customized to fit the look of your business or customer’s existing website design and layout
Data Management
  • ITG provides monthly maintenance for data management, diagnostics, and software upgrades as necessary to keep your portal running efficiently 24x7x365


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